The Hanover Montessori Children's House offers children 2.5 to 6 years old a specially prepared environment that is often referred to as a CASA program. Preschool age kids are provided with all of the materials to help them reach their personal best, with specific interest into their intellectual, physical and social development.

Each child in our program is offered a safe, calm and structured classroom that supports the 'discovery' approach as established by Dr. Maria Montessori. For you young child, a Montessori education will help prepare her for the challenges of in public and high school, and even life itself.

Our program will always provide your child with:

• a well prepared environment that is centered around them,
• interaction with multiple age groups,
• developmental learning to provide the opportunity to progress at his/her own individual pace,
• engaging learning materials,
• play and movement using the various senses,
• the freedom and responsibility to direct their own learning,
• involved, active and qualified teachers that put the child first,
• an environment of cooperation and collaboration rather than competition, and
• love and understanding.

Our facility is licensed by the:

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